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Millennial VS Boomer

“This idea for this blog came from some people I converse with via Twitter and IG. I call them my “pretend cousins” and a few of them share in the joke with me. This week their family has been going through a lot with the media and a documentary created about their uncle about somethings from the past (mind you he’s gone, been dead nearly ten years). Anyway shout out to Siggy for the inspiration for this blog post, along with Brandi, Taj and TJ whom I’ve joined in on discussions with this past week. To quote Siggy,” Our aunts, uncles and those before us are very subdued and classy... WE are NOT!” His way of stating it via LIVE was very funny but also held so much truth. We are known as the generation who “shares” too much or we are seen as too vocal. We are QUICK to defend the ones who raised us and loved us. We don’t always do it with grace but we are still learning! This post is for you guys and the sentiments of my heart and yours.”❤️
I grew up in a big family... my family wasn’t li…

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