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Make Room (Ocean Blues)

I have been struggling lately... with myself, with my confidence and my abilities. There’s a scripture in Proverbs 18:16 that says, “A gift gets attention; it buys the attention of eminent people.” If I truly believed in “luck” then I’d be led to believe that I have AMAZING luck at times! I’m never in denial that I’m “favored” by a Creator who sits high. Yet my life has been so complex at times I’d also question my so called luck. I went through a series of trauma just in life overall, from rejection from a couple angles/places to not feeling worthy of this thing called life. My favorite quote (I can’t even remember where it came from) is “God keeps sending me love notes in the form of people.” For every person who may have rejected me, mistreated me verbally/emotionally God has sent 10x that number to encourage me, to love me, to embrace me and speak life! I’m coming out of a very “busy” season and I can tell that this next season is very quiet which equates as season of sowing. I do…

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